2000 24' Trail-Lite Travel Trailer Rental

Sleeps 4 (2 Adults & 2 kids) with Queen Size bed including full bathroom

Pet Friendly

(shower with tub, sink, and toilet)

 My Trail-Lite.jpg

Minimum 2 night rental,

$ 45.00 per night ($ 300.00 per Week)         March 1st to April 30                 &         Sept.6th to Oct.31.

$ 60.00 per night ($ 400.00 per week)     May 1st to June 30th

Minimum 3 night rental,

$ 75.00 per night ($ 520.00 per week)     July 1st to Sept 5th Labor Day


$50.00 Refundable Reservation fee,   

 $300.00 Damage Deposit.

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Towing Requirements:

Full size Pickup or Van with V8.

Trailer and Brake Package.

2” Slide/Receiver, (Hitch, 2 ¼” ball and tow bars included with rental)

7 prong round Plug for Trailer Brakes.

Fresh Water, Gray Water and Black Water all 3 x 30 gallon tanks.

Total Dry Weight: 3162 lbs, Load Capacity 1528 lbs,                  Hitch weight 290lbs,

Length: 24’(with Bike rake 26 ½’),  Width: 7’ 3”,              Height: 9’ 7”

These weights are approximate and based on standard features. Optional equipment not included.

RV Kitchen resized small.jpg

RV Bed resized small.jpg  RV Bathroom resized small.jpg

The RV comes equipped with the following:

  • Sleeps 4 with Queen size bed in front and has a full bathroom (shower with tub , sink , toilet ).

  • Plastic dishes, pots, pans and tablecloth,

  • Cutlery/utensils for 6 people, Juice jug + Cooler

  • Plastic cups and wine glasses, ceramic coffee mugs

  • Cleaning supplies, broom, Mop, garden hose and sprayer.

  • Flashlight, Fire extinguisher, Smoke detector, Tarp and small tool kit + 2 power cords.

  • RV rated toilet paper – 1 package (purchase more at Wal-Mart RV section.)

  • Microwave, Toaster, Coffeemaker + filters, Electric Kettle and Blender

  • Fridge

  • Stainless Steel propane BBQ with lighter + 25lbs Propane tank adapter hose.

  • 2 Burner outdoor camping stove with 2 small propane bottles.

  • Pop-up garbage and recycle cans + garbage bags,

  • Alarm clock and AM/FM radio.

  • 2 low back beach chairs


  • Optional - Free: Bike rack, outdoor table, Vacuum, 5 gallon Water container with pump-(EMPTY), Large Cooler, Camping mat , Empty 25lbs Propane tank- (You exchange for a full one at your destination).

  • Optional $$$: (Please give advanced notice to reserve these.)

  • Portable propane fire pit $25.00per week___________,

    25lbs Full Propane tank $30.00___________,

    Ice Maker $20.00 per week.___________.

    A complete inventory list will be available in the RV and an inventory count will be completed at pickup & drop-off.

    *** Bedding, pillows, and towels are supplied by Renters!


    Renter’s also supply there own:

    Chairs, Outdoor Tables, BBQ’s and Propane, Outdoor lighting, etc.


    Do not transport any items inside the RV trailer other then items listed above.  Such as Sporting Equipment, Kayaks, canoes, inflatables etc. Secure all items before moving/traveling. Bathroom & Kitchen doors can open during rough road conditions. Secure handles with tie-downs.

    * Pets: Pets welcome. But not on the bed!

  •  * Cleaning: If on return of RV trailer there is dead bugs inside or outside dirty, muddy or dusty please stop by a carwash and wash trailer or a cleaning fee will apply, If using a pressure washer please take care around vents and stickers on trailer or RV, There is also a cleaning bucket with cleaning supplies and a broom for cleaning inside of RV.

    Note: If cooking on stove indoors please rollup kitchen blinds or remove while cooking on stove. Blinds are extremely hard to clean with grease stains!

    Please be sure to wipe down countertops, floors, fridge, Stove, BBQ, bathroom & shake out rugs.

    * RV Bathroom:  Use only RV Rated Toilet Paper (not regular store bought variety 2 ply T.P.! This stops and plugs the plumbing!) RV rated T.P. breaks down quickly in water!

    If T.P.run out, purchase at your local RV supplier/store or Wal-Mart!


    *Sani-Dump:  Check Gray/Black Water Meter above stove Daily!

    1 long shower can fill the grey water tank. Please make sure to completely dump both the black water (sewer/toilet) Tank 1st  then the grey water (sink-water) 2nd before returning.

  •  Not Emptied tanks will be charged $150.00 Dumping Fee.

    Traveling with full tanks causes bad gas mileage as the tanks are heavy when even partially full. (1gallon = 10lbs, 30 gal. = 300lbs x 2 tanks = 600 lbs)

    Most RV Parks and Government RV parks and Highway Rest areas have Free Dump Stations. 

    Google www.sanidump.com for locations.


  • calendar.jpgAvailability Bookings and Reservation Datescalendar.jpg

  • Currently booked for July 10th till July 29th.

  • (Could be delivered to an Okanagan destination on July 29th for the long weekend.)


Ray and Arlene Mattei’s (Rental Agreement Form)

A refundable booking reservation deposit for RV rental of $50.00 (Cash or E-Transfer) will be taken at the time of the booking.


E-Transfer must be paid in full 24 hours before pick-up or cash upon pick-up. Rental + $300 Damage deposit for RV or $100.00 for utility trailer.


$300 (Cash or 24hr advanced E-Transfer) will be held for insurance deductible, damage, missing items or if unit is not returned clean, etc. Refunded returned after inspection upon drop-off.  (The renter is responsible for all traffic violations, tolls and parking tickets.)

CANCELLATIONS                                                                                                                                                     If your reservation is cancelled up to 1 week in advance reserved pickup date your $50.00 booking deposit will be returned less a $20.00 cancelation fee.
Booking deposit of $50 not refunded when cancellations are made less than a week/7days prior to pick up date.

Trailer or RV must be returned in the same condition as it was when picked up. Clean and damage free      no exceptions! Or deposit will not be returned. Any damage to any trailer or RV caused by the renter or a third party are to be reported to the Mattei’s Immediately! and repaired at renters expense.

PICK-­UP Time:   We ask that you call 2 to 3 days before your pick­up to book a pick-­up appointment.  

Call: Phone: (604) 789-6562 or (604) 943-6562 or (778)233-6562


 Please allow for a 30-45 minute Operation Orientation  the ‘Walk Around’. (AC,Sewer, Water, Heat, Gas and AC/DC)

RETURN:  Before 6:30pm (Please advise us in advance of your return time so that we can have an ‘Inspection walk around’ and return your $300 Damage Deposit ASAP.)

EARLY RETURNS: There will be a 25% charge of the remainder against the refund of your reservation for early returns!

LATE REURNS/EXTENSIONS: If wanting an extension to reserved dates contact Mattei’s ASAP. We will accommodate if not previously reserved and rented. Late Returns Will be charged at $10.00hr or $100.00 per day without 24hr prior notice. Please consider the next Rental reservation for the following day!


* Awnings: Awning on the trailer are the full responsibility of the renter on return of trailer if there is any damage renter will fix, repair or replace at renters expense. Do not tie onto. (laundry!!)


Do not leave awning out in windy or stormy weather!!  

Do not leave awning unattended at Anytime ! Roll up while away from Trailer!

Extreme Weather & Sudden Wind Gusts can tear Awning off in Seconds!!  

Please Read, Print and Initial and fill out form below. Email back to raymattei2010@gmail.com

This RV is not permitted to enter Mexico at any time and not allowed to travel in the following northern areas: Alaska Highway, north of Fort. St. John, Cassiar Highway, Highway 35 north of Peace River and Northwest / Yukon Territories – Alaska. Also not allowed on any dirt/gravel roads, logging and mountainous roads (other than campground roads) or roads designated as ‘other safe seasonal roads according to official Provincial or State maps.

Damage to RV Travel trailer or utility trailer must be reported to the Mattei’s immediately! So that we can make arrangements for repair and notify the next renter of possible delays. Repairs must not be performed by renter unless authorized by the Mattei’s. 

Any accident damage to the RV or Utility Trailer, vandalism, fire or theft, must be reported to the Mattei’s and​ the Police within 24 hours of occurrence, otherwise the insurance​ becomes null and void. The renter acknowledges the possibility of a mechanical failure or breakdown (such as blown tires, bearings or brakes) and recognizes that such occurrence is an inherent risk associated with the operation of a RV and beyond the control of the Mattei’s. The renter agrees to hold Ray and Arlene Mattei harmless from and not responsible against any loss of time, transportation or towing costs, inconvenience, food loss in vehicle, and any and all expenses resulting from such a failure or breakdown.​ Also no 3rd party rentals.
Ray and Arlene Mattei will not be held responsible for any towing charges, traffic fines or regulations due to towing any of our RVs, travel trailers or utility trailers. If you are unsure of towing regulations, equipment or limitations for your vehicle please check your owner’s manual, Check on-line for weight and pulling capabilities or check with your dealer. It is strongly advised to have a BCAA Plus RV Roadside Assistance Card or Good Sam Roadside Assistance in case of a possible breakdowns. The Mattei’s will not be held liable for any towing fees back to Tsawwassen. Please note all property stored in the RV are the responsibility of the renter we are also not responsible for any personal property.

(Please initial)________

Liability: (Please Read, sign and date)
Ray & Arlene Mattei, will not be held responsible for any and all liability that may occur while any trailer or RV is in the custody of the renter. This includes property damage, personal injury, death or any third party liability claims. (Use the travel trailer, utility trailer and/or RV Propane System at your own risk)

I, the renter _________________________ release Ray and Arlene Mattei of any and all claims of liability or third party liability that may arise from me renting their RV travel trailer or utility trailer any other items used or rented form Ray and Arlene Mattei.

Renter Signature  ___________________________ Date:______________

Mattei’s RV & Trailer rentals

Phone: (604) 789-6562 or (604) 943-6562

 E-mail: raymattei2010@gmail.com 

955 53A St., S. Delta (Tsawwassen) BC, V4M 3E1



Renter's Name:  _________________________________________________________     


B.C. Drivers  License No. _________________________________(min.25yrs old)
Tow Vehicle (Year, Make, Model) ______________________________________________(See Tow requirements!)

Vehicle License Plate No.   _____________________________________
RV Trailer Rented:______________ or Utility Trailer (2000 Pace American):_________________

Destination for RV or Trailer_______________________________________________  (See Travel Restrictions Sec.)
Pick Up Date: ___________________ Return Date: __________________________ Total Nights Rented:                  
Home address: _________________________________________________________________________________
Home No: _________________ Cell Phone No. _________________ Email: ________________________________ 


Rental_______________________________________________ Optional____________________________________

Total Rental Fee Received (-$50.00 RV Reservation Booking Fee)   $___________________(Optional Extras included.)


Paid By___________________

Total Damage/cleaning deposit held by the Mattei’s $                       (Note:) This will be returned to you after inspection when trailer or RV is returned clean and damage free.

Credit Card Name :_________________________________


Credit Card #_____________________________________ Exp Date________



Camping Location Finder apps: (Free) Good Sam Camping or All STAYS $12.95. (the Best!)


Happy Camping !