Available Now April 2017 


Combo 4 way multi-Cherry Trees,  $80.00ea,       5 gallon 5' to 7' tall  

You get 4 types of these 5 varieties: Rainer, Stella, Van, Lapin or Bing



Combo 4 way multi-Pear Tree  

You get 4 types of these 5 varieties: Anjou. Rescue, Comice. Red Bartlet and Green Bartlett 


Combo 4 way multi-Plum Trees 

You get 4 types of these 5 varieties: Shiro, Stanley, Santa Rosa, Italian, and French Prune Plum


 5 way Fruit Cocktail- Multiple different fruit,

You get 5 types of these 6 varieties:Stella or Lapin Cherry , Frost Peach, Puget Gold Apricot, Harko Nectarine and Italian Prune/Plum



Also: Single variety of Apple: Gala, Spartan, Red Mac.,and Fuji. 

Frost Peach, Cherry: Stella, Bing, Lapin.

 Asian Oriental Pears: Shinseiki, Nijisseiki (20th Century)




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Columnar Apple, ‘Scarlet Sentinel’ and ‘Golden Sentinel’

Columnar apples Scarlet and Golden Sentinel.jpg 

Zone 5-8, Full Sun Height 10’unpruned, 5’pruned, Spread 1m,3’,

MCINTOSH WIJCIK CROSSES - In recent years a new form of apple tree has been introduced referred to as "Columnar" or "Colonnade". This new type of tree grows straight up without any side branches, bearing fruit along the main leader. This unusual tree form was discovered as a McIntosh mutant in the mid1960's by Dr. Don Fisher of the Summerland Research Station in British Columbia, Canada. Over 300 crosses were made from the original McIntosh Wijcik tree.

The dwarf tight upright small fruit trees make great patio and deck plants. Great for small spaces or even an edible hedge.

Plant 2-3’ apart in ground or in planter box. Plant 2 varieties for cross pollination or/unless any other apples in close proximity. They have a profusion of white flowers in April and fruit ripens in mid September. Fruit prune if need be.

Pruning: For a super dwarf tree, prune short stubby branches back 6" to 12" from main trunk and height 5-8' in Late Winter.

Scarlet Sentinel Columnar Apple has large green/yellow sweet apples blushed with rich red on the sunward side.

5 gallon fiber pots 3’-4’  tall 2 yr. Old. Bearing fruit this year. $ 50.00ea.

Golden Sentinel Columnar Apple is a golden delicious-type apple Sweet and delicious with a gold/yellow fruit.

5 gallon fiber pots 4’-6’ tall 3 year olds Bearing fruit this year.     $ 60.00ea.


2 varieties needed for cross pollination.


 Fruit Cocktail Combo Tree Espaliered.

Dwarf Fruit Cocktail trees are a combination of 2 or 3 different types of these 5 varieties. With 4 ,5 or 6 branches. All have at least 2 to 4 plum branches.2014 Hardy Fruit Trees_html_62f4672a.jpg

Frost Peach, Hardy Red Nectarine,
Puget Gold Apricot, Green Gage Plum & Italian Plum.

-Green Gage Plum , Medium, round, greenish yellow with amber flesh. Sweet, good flavor, good
for eating, cooking, canning or jam. Mid-season.
-Italian Prune Plum , Medium, purplish black sweet. Excellent fresh, canned or dried. Late mid-season.
-Frost Peach® , Leaf curl resistant. Medium to large fruit, yellow flesh, freestone, good quality and producer. Mid-August, self-fertile.
-Hardy Red Nectarine, New promising variety for the Northwest. Red skinned with golden blush,
yellow flesh. Ripens mid-August. Excellent flavor.
-Puget Gold Apricot Tree, Medium size, flesh firm, sweet. Ripening Mid-august, self-fertile.

Plant Trees in Full Sun location (East, West or South) against a wall under an eve and supported with a trellis. Heavy fruited branches are supported with a stake system or trellis in back.
Plant in well drained location. Protect from winter rain. Peaches, Nectarines and Apricots should avoid moisture on branches after leaf loss in fall. Hardy to -20C. Prune flat against wall in Winter. Grafted on Dwarf Root Stock St. Julian A

Size 4’ x 4’ to 5’ x 5’. Fruit bearing age. (Pickup Only because of size!)

 $ 59.00ea


These Espaliered Trees used effectively in an 'small space' urban environment.

Ideal for a sunny deck fruit tree in condos and on apartment decks.

Great for Community gardens, Experimental school Horticulture projects.

Organic edible landscaping and living fences.

Container grown sustainable food production, Interplant vegetables in large wide low 10 gallon pots.

Example of container companion plants: bush peas, lettuce, herbs, flowers etc.


Golden Prolific Dwarf Patio Nectarine

Prunus persica var. nucipersica 'Golden Prolific'

A genetic dwarf tree that produces medium reddish juicy fruit with yellow freestone flesh. Showy pink flowers in early spring. Ripens in late August. Glossy green foliage. Makes a nice single specimen or patio container tree. A true specialty item for any yard. Self-pollinating.

Light Needs: Full Sun, Height: 48-60" ,Spread: 48-60"
Flower Colors: Pink in Spring, Growth Habits: Round
Cold Hardiness: Zone 5

9f5de1573ee781216e800a2589811f88.jpg Prolific nectarine Bylands.jpg Spring and winter look.

7 gallon Fiber pots $59.00ea.

Weight 20-30 lbs. Sorry no shipping during growing season.

Possible dormant bare root winter shipping Nov.-Feb. overwinter.

Blueberry Plants


Pink Icing™ Blueberry

Pink Icing™ has breathtaking spring and fall foliage. Spring brings lovely new growth foliage color that has a varying shades of pink mixed with bright and deeper greens. In the winter, Pink Icing foliage takes on a stunning iridescent turquoise blue foliage hue which is impressive when planted en masse. Pink Icing is a wonderful complement to Peach Sorbet, another BrazelBerries® blueberry variety. Plant Pink Icing as a backdrop with Peach Sorbet in the front for varying heights of foliage color. Plant in decorative patio pots or plant in the landscape or garden for year round color and beauty.

Width &  Height: 36-48", Zone 5, SUN

Peach Sorbet™ Blueberry

Peach Sorbet is a real peach – on the inside and out! This super compact ornamental blueberry explodes in the spring with bright orange new foliage, perfect for spring color . Peach Sorbet sets a consistent crop of bright white bell-shaped flowers in the spring, giving rise to plump berries for summer harvest that have a tropical berry flavor. Mature foliage turns a deep emerald green through the summer, and depending on how cold your zone is, Peach Sorbet keeps its leaves and they turn deep eggplant purple through the fall and winter. This year-round cutie would make a perfect hedge, shrub, or patio plant for any garden. Peach Sorbet grows to be 1.5-2' tall and is self-fertile.

Width &  Height: 12"-24”, Zone 5, SUN

Perpetua™ Blueberry  (Everbearing)

Perpetua™ is a true double-cropping blueberry that sets one crop of fruit in mid-summer, and then flowers and fruits a second time to provide ripe fruit in the fall. The leaves are dark green, somewhat shiny, and curly or twisted in the spring and summer, turning to deep reds and greens in the winter. The new canes are bright yellow and red in winter. Perpetua™ has smallish berries that are mild and sweet.

Height: 48-60" Spread: 36-48" Zone 4, Sun

Northblue Blueberry - Vaccinium 'Northblue'

Large flavorful dark blue fruit with a pleasing sugar to acid ratio. Self pollinating. Great for fresh use or preserves. Glossy dark green leaves turn a deep bright red in fall. Great for the border or foundation. Introduced by University of Minnesota in 1983.

Height: 24-36" Spread: 24-36" Zone 3, Sun

All fruiting this year!

1 or 2 gallon size pots $20ea

Amity 'Everbearing Raspberry'
Rubus idaeus

This popular, everbearing variety produces large, dark red berries in June and again in late August. Plants can be mown in the fall for abundant crops the following fall.
1 gallon pots



A gooseberry and Black currant cross!

The rich berry taste is reminiscent of gooseberry with a kiss of black currant. Deep-red, almost-black fruit is high in vitamin C and forms in large clusters, ideal for juices, jams and jellies, and fresh-eating. Cold-hardy plants are long-lived, thornless, and highly fruit productive once established.

Debuted in 1977. The name “jostaberry” itself is a combination of the German word for blackcurrant, “Johannisbeere” and for gooseberry, “Stachelbeere”.

Ripens in July. Self-pollinating. (Ribes × nidigrolaria)

1 gallon pot size